Needs Assessment

This process starts with a field visit to access the proposed facility. We consider security arrangements; take appropriate measurements of the proposed infrastructure for technical layout recommendations. The output of this process is the detailed report with recommendations.

Acquisition of Equipment and Installation

If the needs assessments and the recommendations are approved, we proceed to acquire equipment for the installation of the EDULab. For quality assurance, the installed system s is tested prior to deployment.


Our deployment process requires all tested equipment to be properly laid out and secured with the approved technical layout recommendations for usage.


Such a well-designed system requires users to appreciate the value of the investment through exposure of the architecture and content on the system. A detailed training program for facility managers and other users is organised for lasting usage. Clients may choose a set of well-structured schemes.

Technical Support

For the prolonged use of the system a maintenance agreement for a technical person to be available on demand, to minimize system down time and sustain an effective and efficient use of the investment over time is essential.

Impact Assessment

To access the impact of the investment, we collect information on usage of the EDULab & Community Access using an established framework which output is a detailed report.