Our Financing Options

TECHAiDE offers three (3) Financing options that are most convenient for you and your school.

1) TECHAiDE Direct

Clients can pay TECHAiDE directly in 2 payments. Take your invoice amount given to you from your TECHAiDE Sales Officer. Your first payment will 80% of the value of the invoice. Your second payment will be 20% of the value of the invoice. See your TECHAiDE Sales Officer to get started.

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2) EDULab Loan

Clients can apply for an EDULab Loan through one of our partner banks, Sinapi Aba or Opportunity International. Often times the interest rates for these loans are lower than Commercial Bank rates because of this program. Please contact your TECHAiDE Sales Officer to get started.

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3) TECHAiDE Financing (TF)

Clients can also apply for TECHAiDE Financing. Clients must first be pre-approved for TF through their TECHAiDE Sales Officer. If they are approved their payments will be the final invoice amount divided into 12 monthly installments paid directly to TECHAiDE. Clients will sign a Payment Terms Contract. Work on their EDULab will start when when 80% of their invoice amount is paid. See your TECHAiDE Sales Officer to get started.

TFP Terms are as follows:

  1. The client agrees to pay that amount on the quote without any further changes
  2. The quote has to be more than 2000 GHS to qualify for TF
  3. Clients must be able to pay the full amount of the quote in 12-months or less.
  4. 25% penalty if the Client withdraws their money before full payment is made.
  5. No penalty for early payment.
  6. No interest.
  7. No limit on the # of payments

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